Friday, September 21, 2012

Game Day Grub

Who doesn't love some good finger foods to watch the big game with. I know I do. I love to pick on all types of yumminess. It's officially the last Friday of Summer. Oh and the iphone5 comes out today. I'm sorry but seriously? Waiting in line for more than 24 hours for a phone is a bit ridiculous. IT'S A PHONE!  It will still be there even if the sell out. They will send more. Sorry just had to vent as I am watching the news. Anyway....what's everyone's plans for the weekend? Apple picking? Going to see the leaves change? We will be at the annual end of summer bonfire with friends. Lot's of food and one big fire. It should be an fun night. I honestly cant wait to put on some jeans, uggs and a nice comfy sweater. I love this cool weather. With that all being said have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love my iPhone but I agree, the whole waiting in line for hours is a little crazy! I love posts like this one. They all look so yummy!