Friday, May 11, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Today I thought I's share a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets etc. Not to many, I am still working on adding to my collection. I don't know about you but buying new kitchen stuff is a good as buying shoes to me! Next purchase will be commercial baking sheets. I must have them!!!!

Wustof Classic Knives and Sharpener. 
I've had many many knives these are amazing. 
Perfectly balanced rarely get dull and are simple to sharpen.
Silpat Baking Liners
Amazing it's nearly impossible to burn anything with these. 
They cook everything evenly even Stromboli!

 Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
Ever make whipped mashed potatoes in a stand mixer? 
Try it you won't be disapointed 
A good heavy bottom cook wear set.
I prefer non-stick. I have both sets but the non-stick has my heart.

A good stainless steel whisk.
Love this.

A plethora of wooden spoons. 
I could never ever live with out all these.
I use them every day.

Any Maple Butcher Block Cutting Board.
A nice thick chunk of cutting board.

Plastic Cutting Boards for meat.
I always use these to slice, chop whatever raw and cooked meat.

Last but not least, Spice Tins.
Spice Tins in every shape and size. They are awesome, oh and magnetic too!

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